Tuesday, January 5, 2010

These are the first shots of the first Heward/Thibo Nugget. We have got a boy coming to our family somewhere around May 14th. Perfect timing for summer.
Everything is going really well, I am still able to excersice, and haven't felt sick the whole time. Due to my hight I just look like I have put on a little weight in the middle, which I think will be the case for some time. Little does everyone else know there is a being the size of a cantalope doing the chicken dance.
Notice the distinct Heward Spoon thumbs. Mike is the only one in his family that has them, but we might be starting a family tradition. THe picture on the right has the arrow pointing right at it.

The Foot is measureing 4 cm right now at 21 weeks along.
Looks like I will have a different kind of adventure this summer.
We will be going to NH for the summer again, but this time I will be there the whole time and no fires, at least not the kind I work with normally, I am sure I will putting out lots of small fires, good thing I am a trained professional.