Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week Three

On Teancums third week we went back to idlers rest. He had been there four weeks before but this time he could see a little better. We are working on Elimination Comunication, i.e. he trains me on when he needs to go and I take his diaper off a give him a little cue of his own (we use a psspss sound) and most of the time he goes. This has been saving a lot of diapers and therefore laundry. He has only gotten me really good a couple of times, but I clean up easily. He has even got Mike trained on his cues now. It is pretty convenient having a portatable food source for those mid hike snacks and I am learning fast that I can't really count on getting anywhere too fast, but I am getting better about sceduleing around his feeding and pottying and my friends are pretty good about letting me potty and feed my kid in their homes.

This is his lounging face.


Chance and Beth said...

He is so adorable! I'm sure he enjoyed this hiking trip as much as the last!

Rafi said...

Wowie zowie! Very kewl! Alyssa is 4 months now and said she would like to meet Teancum soon, She has some poddy tricks of her own she would like to pass on, but in this department, BOYS tend to be...well, you already know! Take care and God bless!

Pat, Lyn, Mitche Anne, Rafael & Alyssa

ps.--- Rafi=rafael

New Mexican Youngs said...

Mike and Heather, congrats on the cute little one. Cool name also, we have a Teancum in Taos. Glad to see that everyone is doing well and that your out enjoying life together.