Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun in NH

This was not set up at all, I just walked in and it looked like this, I thought is was so funny that I waited until someone walked by so they could look at and share my joke.

Here is a bit of a smile, he does more but it is hard to catch it on camera. He is also doing this really cute thing where if I say "Hello" he will go "aaaaoooo" and look at me very focused and give little smiles after he says it. Oh how fun

Teancum is working hard during tummy time, he started lifting his body up with his arms about two weeks ago and is able to hold it longer and longer each day. When his arms give out he just kicks his way across the bed and leaves a slime trail on the sheet

Naked baby after a bath and my new shirt from the thrift store that does a great job at dispersing this humid weather

I really thought this coat was cute, too bad it did not last very long

Teancumn's first summit on Mt. Piermont in NH. This is the first of many as the trailhead is located right outside camp and it is only 4.4 miles.

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Hilary Jorgensen said...

i can't wait to see him again. how's the potty training coming along? that picture with you and naked teancum is a keeper.